Director H.T.T.C.

Welcome to the web-page of the Higher Teacher Training College (HTTC) at Bambili, a School of The University of Bamenda created by a 2010 decree. The forerunner of HTTC, “An Annex of the Advanced Teachers’ Training College of the Federal University of Cameroon” was set up by Order No 38 of 13th September 1967.”

Vision: The Higher Teacher Training College (HTTC) Bambili is a teacher training partner to the nation’s efforts to improve standards of teaching and learning and to professionalize the education sector.

Mission: The Higher Teacher Training College (HTTC) Bambili advances the general mission assigned to The University of Bamenda and specifically ensures scholarly and innovative approaches to teaching, learning and curricular practices.


  • Collaboration: HTTC is committed to reciprocal relationships developed through consultation to build strong learning communities.
  • Flexibility: HTTC is responsive to the needs of its stakeholders and engages in initiatives with openness and a balanced approach.
  • Innovation: HTTC brings creativity, a passion for exploration and a forward-looking approach to its work. It tries new things and learns from them. It leads by example and considers the future.
  • Integrity: HTTC is responsible, transparent, and invites scrutiny. It acknowledges the contributions of others.
  • Respect: HTTC practices equity and fairness by listening for understanding and supporting inclusivity. It shows consideration and appreciation for those with whom it partners.

Sharing: HTTC engages in and facilitates knowledge exchanges in a spirit of generosity by sharing insights into pedagogies and technologies and providing a platform for discussion and research.

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  1. njatio fopa aristide

    The most famous in cameroon.

  2. wenyi carine chuleba

    ENS is a place to be……where we are taught to give out our best.

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